Dear Myrick Cousins everywhere,



The heirs of Allie Goodwin Myrick Bowden have graciously permitted me to scan her book and provide it on-line, free of charge, to anyone.  We all hope you, our cousins near and far, will enjoy Allie's work.


I'm not a computer expert, so the scanned pages are not perfectly aligned. Please forgive my uneven copying, but having just found the Myrick Family Forum, we were eager to get this info out to you all.


Allie's sister, Susan Myrick, served as technical adviser on Gone With the Wind, so you may be interested in her biography or in the collection of articles, Margaret Mitchell: A Scarlett of a Melanie?, about GWTW, her friend Mitchell, and survivors of the War Between the States, or the collection of Myrick Memories, a collection of articles by the children of Dovedale Plantation re plantation life and small town life in the first have of the 1900s. Go back to the home page of this web site ( for more information.


If you are interested in other books I've written, please check out my other web site,


Your cousin,


Susan Lindsley