Work years were writing and editing years spent at The Macon News (a daily), at Raytheon Manufacturing Co., at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Research Laboratory of Electronic), and at the Centers for Disease Control.

     Her most exciting projects were at the RLE, where she edited the first paper on laser beams and the first on telemetry.

     At Raytheon, she wrote and edited manuals on rockets and prepared motivational materials, both written and display, for the mount operators (those who assembled radio and rocket tubes in the days before solid state circuitry).

     She wrote programmed instruction handbooks for the Centers for Disease Control— including the handbook on the mechanical injector used to eradicate smallpox. Her handbooks have been translated into languages for use in Africa and Asia as well as in English-speaking nations. The criteria for programmed instruction states 80 percent of students must score at least 80 percent on a post test. Her students were medical professionals.
Her unit produced nine booklets in three years. Susan wrote seven of the nine.

     °  Lecture Preparation Guide
     °  Ped-O-Jet Operation, Maintenance and Repair Guide (for Smallpox eradication, translated into      °  French and Spanish)
     °  Professional Model Jet Injector
     °  SAD, SA/C Calculator for Pesticide Formulation
     °  Operation and Maintenance of a Portable Sprayer (translated into

     From writing, she moved into editing at the CDC and edited medical research papers for the physicians. One side project was to prepare a grammar guide for authors, and she issued a two-page leaflet weekly, each on a specific problem that she saw in papers that week.


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