Susan romped through life on a southern plantation in the years surrounding the Second World War. She hunted possums and snakes, broke and rode horses, drove cattle and hauled them to market, cut and hauled hay, found whiskey stills, and pursued cattle rustlers.

     The days of her childhood form the basis of her book Blue Jeans and Pantaloons in Yesterplace.

     Myrick Memories released in November 2010 and authored by Susan Myrick and three of her siblings, reveals plantation life and interracial relationships from 1900 into the 1960s. Susan Lindsley edited the manuscripts and collected photographs for this book.

     Some six years of research and organizing have resulted in a completed biography, Susan Myrick of Gone With The Wind.

     Life abounded with college professors and literary personalities such as Flannery O’Connor as well as people who made William Faulkner’s Snopes family look like angels—cattle rustlers, bootleggers, and killers.

     She began her prize-winning writing in grammar school and took first place in a historical essay contest; she also won writing prizes in college and in retirement, taking first place in both fiction and nonfiction at writers’ conferences. Her interest in writing led to an English and Journalism major, with a summa cum laude degree from Mercer University. Susan began her writing career as a reporter for The Macon News, where she wrote feature articles as well as news items. She moved on to Raytheon Manufacturing in Massachusetts and then to M. I. T. She returned to Georgia in the 1960s and became a writer-editor at the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta.

     Now retired, she is fulfilling her childhood dream and writing about those days of living in her Yesterplace. She writes fiction and nonfiction prose, as well as poetry.

     Her work has appeared in local, state and national publications and in anthologies.

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