When conflict between various hunting organizations threatened Georgia’s deer herds, Susan became actively involved in Game and Fish Division activities. Her efforts changed some regulations and helped maintain others. She spoke in the House of Representatives’ chambers to the G&F officials, the hunters of Georgia, and members of wildlife organizations.
      She drafted a resolution for the House of Representatives to honor the T.I.P Program (Turn in Poachers), and the resolution passed the Georgia state legislature.         

           Her donation of a sculpture of a deer fawn by James Darnell became the James R. Darnell Outstanding Ranger Award for the Department of Natural Resources to honor a Wildlife Ranger every year. The award is a rotating sculpture that will eventually be retired to the State Capitol museum.
      Because of her activism for wildlife’s protection and management, she has been awarded a life-time, honorary membership in the Georgia Wildlife Federation, she Georgia state affiliate of the National Wildlife Federation.
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