Sue’s interest in drama, begun on that counter in Milledgeville when she was a preschooler, led her to join forty-six people on January 14, 1934, to organize the Macon Little Theatre. Sue was immediately on the board of directors. Within six months, the organization put on its first show, and Sue appeared on stage in Wedding Bells, described as a “joyous comedy.”

     In the years that followed, Sue performed in more roles than any other member of the Theatre. John Jones of the Theatre staff wrote in 2008.

     Susan Myrick was a key force in the formative years of Macon Little Theatre. Her talent, hard work, devotion and love for the arts were gifts that she gave freely to make Macon Little Theatre the force in community theatre that it is today. In our 76th season, we still benefit from the spirit that she shared in our history.

     Having been a charter member and having served on the board of governors since the Theatre was founded, she was eligible to be a Life Member. When that honor was offered, she at first objected. She feared that such a position would deprive her of a vote at board meetings. Only when assured that Life Membership gave her a continuing seat and vote on the board, no matter what election results might do to other members, did she accept, and in 1948 she was presented a "lifetime membership." Hers was one of only five such honors ever presented in the history of the theatre.

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